Released on 09/08/2019
Neonatal jaundice. Is it sinister or benign?


Released on 14/06/2019
A young woman with multiple moles ...


Released on 10/05/2019
An older man with a mole on his face ...


Released on 05/05/2019
A mole on a child's sole ...


Released on 20/04/2019
A young lady with oral and dermatological symptoms. Can you help her?


Released on 07/04/2019
A patient with depression has an embarrassing problem. Can you help?


Released on 07/04/2019
Depression following a myocardial infarction. Can you help?


Released on 08/03/2019
A young girl who can barely speak. How serious is it?


Released on 27/02/2019
A neonate with jaundice. Physiological or pathological?


Released on 19/02/2019
Worsening dyspnea for several months. Serious or not?

Overflowing II

Released on 31/01/2019
Diarrhea in a developing country. Can you manage?

Overflowing I

Released on 31/01/2019
Diarrhea in a developed country. Can you manage?


Released on 29/01/2019
When a facial rash leads to renal problems ...


Released on 24/01/2019
A child who is malnourished. Can you help her?


Released on 06/01/2019
A mother-to-be with unexpected bleeding. Can you help her?

Up and down

Released on 30/12/2018
Mental health issues during pregnancy. Can you help the expecting mother?


Released on 26/12/2018
A young woman with blurred vision. Serious or not?


Released on 17/12/2018
A young woman with leg swelling. What might the cause be?


Released on 27/11/2018
Two patients. Two cases of poisoning. Can you help both?


Released on 25/11/2018
A boy with a generalized rash. Can you manage him properly?


Released on 18/11/2018
Recurrent heartburn. Serious or not?


Released on 9/11/2018
A child with joint pain and a rash. Can you manage him properly?

With age

Released on 29/10/2018
Age brings in problems both common and uncommon. Can you help these patients?


Released on 22/10/2018
A young woman with a headache. Serious or not?


Released on 17/10/2018
Vertigo when standing up. Sinister or benign?


Released on 21/09/2018
Bowel symptoms and a skin rash. Can you guide this lady to a good outcome?


Released on 15/09/2018
An elderly lady found unconscious in the street. What might the cause be?


Released on 30/08/2018
A young girl with a urinary tract infection. Is that all she has?

Examined III

Released on 17/08/2018
You are an examiner once more! Can you keep up?

Examined II

Released on 02/08/2018
Back as an examiner again! How hard can it be?


Released on 11/07/2018
Fever in a traveler returning from Africa. Should you worry?


Released on 17/06/2018
A child with a ballotable kidney. Can you successfully manage this conundrum?


Released on 29/04/2018
Acute pain in the big toe. Is it what you think it is?


Released on 12/04/2018
A patient with gross hematuria. Can you manage him properly?


Released on 17/03/2018
Does Tara have a simple urinary tract infection?


Released on 15/02/2018
An elderly lady with new-onset headaches. Should you be concerned?


Released on 07/02/2018
Depression is a serious public health issue. Can you treat these patients properly?


Released on 25/12/2017
A thyroid lump in a middle aged lady. Benign or malignant?


Released on 20/09/2017
Sudden onset dyspnea again! Can you manage this emergency properly?


Released on 16/09/2017
Dyspnea, chest pain, and a cough. Can you save your patient before his condition becomes lethal?


Released on 31/08/2017
Can you correctly manage this very common complaint?


Released on 12/08/2017
When the complications of diabetes add up ...

Bitten again

Released on 04/08/2017
When theory and practice collide ...


Released on 14/07/2017
Are common problems necessarily easier to manage?

Examined I

Released on 07/07/2017
At exams, who has the harder job - the student? Or the examiner?


Released on 21/06/2017
Chronic abdominal pain in a young boy. Are your diagnostic skills upto the task?


Released on 11/05/2017
A recurrent cough in an infant. Benign or not?

More pain

Released on 01/05/2017
Hip pain in a young man. Should you be concerned?


Released on 23/03/2017
What makes an emergency an emergency? Can you act correctly when it counts the most?


Released on 08/03/2017
When excessive snoring is the first herald of a more serious condition ...


Released on 01/03/2017
Fever, lymphadenopathy, and scratch marks. Could this be something sinister?


Released on 17/02/2017
Fever and a swollen leg. Serious or not?


Released on 12/02/2017
A teenage soccer player with a bad knee. Growing pains?


Released on 08/02/2017
Every doctor knows what Neurofibromatosis is. But are you aware of the intricacies of treatment?


Released on 25/12/2016
A common complaint in gynecology. Is the treatment as common though?


Released on 25/12/2016
One patient, many drugs. An infinity of possible interactions. Can you tackle them all?


Released on 06/12/2016
When uncommon complications cause a whole heap of trouble …


Released on 06/12/2016
A life-threatening illness in a poorly compliant patient. Are you up to the task?

More fever

Released on 22/11/2016
More patients with fever. However, not all cases of fever are created equal ….


Released on 22/11/2016
Fever and a cardiac murmur. Can you make the correct decisions?


Released on 22/11/2016
A bread and butter presentation of surgery. Is the case cut and dried though? Not necessarily!


Released on 09/11/2016
At times, an uncommon condition can present in a common way. Are you upto treating such a case?


Released on 29/10/2016
Fever, seizures, and confusion. Can you diagnose this patient before time runs out?


Released on 29/10/2016
When a patient presents with severe trauma, are you upto saving them?


Released on 11/10/2016
Simple as it might seem, a dog bite can yet have dire consequences. Can you prevent them?


Released on 11/10/2016
Childhood hematological conditions demand a unique approach. Can you deal with this one?


Released on 27/09/2016
A series of individuals with problems arising from menopause. Can you correctly treat them all?


Released on 27/09/2016
One patient with seemingly unrelated signs and symptoms. Can you treat him correctly?


Released on 07/09/2016
When you hear hoof beats but horses are nowhere to be found, are you up to the challenge?


Released on 07/09/2016
Patients with catatonia present a unique set of challenges. How good are you at facing them?


Released on 01/09/2016
When medical and ethical dilemmas go hand in hand, are you up to balancing both?


Released on 01/09/2016
A young man who has a problem with recreational drugs. Can you help him cope?


Released on 27/07/2016
Hyperthermia following exertion. Treating this patient may not be a walk in the park!


Released on 14/07/2016
An agitated young man with a very high fever ...


Released on 09/06/2016
Can you identify and treat the cause of this girl’s seizures?


Released on 19/05/2016
Can you accurately diagnose and correctly predict the prognosis of this inherited condition?


Released on 10/05/2016
When a global public health emergency arrives at your doorstep, are you able to cope?


Released on 29/04/2016
Will you let seizures affect this young man's life, or can you help him cope with them?


Released on 23/04/2016
Hyperglycemic emergencies. How well can you manage them?


Released on 03/04/2016
A child who is struggling at school. Should you be concerned?


Released on 25/03/2016
Fever soon after an exotic holiday. Serious or not?


Released on 17/03/2016
Obstructive vs. restrictive lung disease. Can you tell which is which?


Released on 25/02/2016
Acute swelling of the right leg. Sinister or not?


Released on 12/02/2016
Bruising, pallor and lymphadenopathy. Could it be a malignancy?


Released on 07/01/2016
When a routine surgery ends in not-so-routine complications, can you handle them?

Under Pressure

Released on 23/12/2015
A patient comes to the ER with hypotension, and the cause is unknown. Can you narrow down the diagnosis, while treating the acute condition?


Released on 3/12/2015
A potentially lethal post-op complication. Do you have the clinical acumen to save your patient?


Released on 23/11/2015
Right upper quadrant pain and Murphy's sign in a middle-aged woman. Is the diagnosis the obvious one?


Released on 8/11/2015
At a high altitude, you have to live up to the high expectations of your climbing group, as the only doctor at hand. Are you acclimatized to this challenge?


Released on 26/10/2015
This little girl has a potentially chronic disease. Can you help improve her quality of life?


Released on 21/10/2015
A college student with chest discomfort. Can you handle this well-known condition successfully?

After Birth

Released on 12/10/2015
The fears of pregnancy do not always end following delivery. Can you manage this patient's postpartum complications?


Released on 06/09/2015
When ureteric colic turns a star athlete's life into a living hell, can you help turn things around?


Released on 12/07/2015
When a college student presents with Ecstasy Toxicity, can you handle the less than ecstatic consequences?


Released on 20/06/2015
Family planning does not always mean taking 'the pill'. Are you capable of recommending the best form of contraception for each unique situation?


Released on 26/04/2015
Vaccines prevent measles. But do you know how to treat an infection once it occurs?


Released on 04/04/2015
Organ transplantation is hard for the patient - and at times, even harder for the doctor. Can you successfully tackle all of the associated problems?


Released on 22/02/2015
Hematological conditions are notoriously tricky to manage during pregnancy. Are you competent enough to ensure the best possible outcome for both mother and fetus?

Sore Throat

Released on 23/01/2015
Diseases considered antiquated may at times come back with a vengeance. When that happens, will you be prepared?


Released on 22/12/2014
Subfertility is a major issue for couples both young and not-so-young. Can you help them out?


Released on 17/12/2014
Muscular pain? Or a cardiovascular problem? Will you lean towards over treatment? Or will you risk your patient’s life?


Released on 03/12/2014
Some diseases are simple enough to be treated in a primary care setting. Some are way too serious. Can you distinguish between the two?


Released on 19/11/2014
Pregnancy is at times complicated by genetic disorders. How competent are you at managing such patients?


Released on 20/10/2014
When a common childhood infection affects an entire family - and your decisions may alter their lives irreversibly ....


Released on 05/10/2014
A boy who has just ingested drain cleaner. Can you manage him acutely? Are you competent enough to avoid long term complications?


Released on 09/09/2014
What will you do when a patient refuses the treatments you recommend? Can you handle the resultant problems?


Released on 15/08/2014
Severe burns following a house fire. Numerous complications which threaten to bring your patient to death's door. Can you save him?


Released on 25/07/2014
Three patients with metabolic acidosis. Three different underlying causes. Can you manage all of them successfully?


Released on 13/07/2014
Inflammatory Bowel Disease is very tricky to manage. When a young man is diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, how and when will you decide between corticosteroids, immunomodulators, biologics, and surgery?


Released on 02/07/2014
An abdominal aortic aneurysm is tricky to manage - and even trickier when the patient in question is the hospital’s biggest benefactor, and the director is breathing down your neck!


Released on 27/06/2014
Cholecystitis, gallstones, and bile leakage. Can you manage these singly? How about in combination?


Released on 21/06/2014
When Mr. Jacobs comes in with massive hematemesis, what will you do? Will you continue his Aspirin? Does he need surgery? So many decisions to take!


Released on 17/06/2014
Fibroids are a daunting experience for both patients and doctors. How competent are you in managing them during pregnancy?

Ahead of Time

Released on 12/06/2014
An expectant mother with prematurely ruptured membranes. Will you admit her to the hospital? What will do you if chorioamnionitis develops?


Released on 05/06/2014
What clues can you gather from watching a man walk? How should you assess his circulation? Can you pick up the confounding factors before they confound you?


Released on 05/06/2014
Will your visit to your uncle turn into an obstructed nightmare? Will you be able to take the necessary actions in time?

Tummy Trouble

Released on 05/06/2014
Jason presents with a mass in his right iliac fossa. How do you image it? Do you need to perform an appendicectomy right now?

Up and Down

Released on 05/06/2014
What do a swollen leg, a box of sweets, and a holiday in India have in common? Can you guide Mrs Patel to recovery?

Fast Beats

Released on 05/06/2014
What will you do when your best friend’s heart skips a beat while dancing the night away? Will you end his dreams of running a marathon?


Released on 05/06/2014
Susan finds it difficult to breathe. How concerned should you be? Can you keep your head while the grim reaper is breathing down your neck?

Double Trouble

Released on 05/06/2014
Abdominal pain in early pregnancy. What could it be? Can you detect the problem before it blows up in your face?