What is “Clinical Sense”?

Imagine a typical day in hospital. Patients with a myriad of complaints, both serious and trivial. Staff members who require your opinion on matters big and small. Regular oversight from bureaucrats. Above all, a constant worry of making a mistake which might ruin a life.

Now, imagine being able to experience all this, without the stress and pressure.

Clinical Sense allows you to step into the shoes of a busy physician, and explore real life clinical problems, all from the safety of your mobile device.

Each scenario puts your skills, knowledge and decision making abilities to test, while simultaneously helping expand your clinical acumen. Experienced physicians can expect a great refresher, while medical students and junior doctors will learn a wealth of new information!

All content is backed by articles from recent, peer-reviewed journals. A detailed list of references is available at the end of each individual scenario, in case you wish to read further.

Clinical Sense is currently available on both Android and iOS. If you would like to play the most recent scenario online, click or tap on the 'Scenarios' button at the top of this page!

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